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Welcome to your online ordering for your school book packs for Brassall State School for 2021. By purchasing the items listed you will ensure your child begins the new school year with all the correct items and help your child to reach their educational goals.


We have also included a range of contact and book covers at the bottom of the booklist to suit the books in your booklist if you wish to purchase any.  Also available are lunch boxes, drink bottles and back packs for your convenience. These are not part of the necessary booklist requirements.

With COVID-19 safety procedures in place, we have also included a section below the booklists for the purchase of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) supplies. These include safety masks and hand sanitiser. These items are not part of the booklist requirement but are available for your purchase.

We have also included some home Arts and Craft products for those art projects you may have at home.  This includes Sidewalk Chalk, Plasticine, Coloured Cardboard, Glitter and more. These items are not part of the booklist requirements but are available for your purchase.


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